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Sustainability & Resiliency

Our natural environment is changing. To embrace those changes, Mosaic’s green architecture design philosophy goes beyond sourcing green building materials. We believe creating sustainability requires paying attention to your land’s natural features and the highest use of space, your property’s water and energy needs, all coupled with your desire for efficiency, conservation, and resource storage. Keeping your design and lifestyle requirements in the forefront, together we’ll create beautiful, healthy environments that are both sustainable and resilient.

Building Sustainability & Resiliency Into Your Architecture & Interior Design Project

Mosaic is intimately familiar with California’s and Colorado’s micro-climates and their challenges with rolling power outages, wildfire danger and other climate events. Much thought goes into your unique design project, ensuring that it is both visually stunning and eco-efficient. Your sustainable design architecture journey starts with carefully analyzing your site and fully understanding your design requirements. 

Throughout the design and green building process, we help you navigate natural resource management, including:


  • Eco-Efficiency -- without sacrificing your property’s beauty, we integrate mechanical and energy independent systems to ensure comfort while controlling energy costs. 

  • Net Zero Design -- Creating a net positive home centers on resource mindfulness. Whether we harness your land’s geothermal, wind, and sun attributes, or employ skillful water recycling and conservation with low-flow fixtures, transform your project into a Net Zero home. 

  • Energy Storage - A resilient home stores and uses independent energy sources. Whether you want your property to be completely “off the grid” or simply have battery back-ups, we can create solutions to fit your energy needs.

  • Tesla Solar Roofs - Innovative and sleek solutions that merge power generation and architectural design. With various materials from glass to steel, elements come together to form a durable and effective tool that transfuses sun energy to electricity. Tesla roofs offer benefits including saving costs, reducing reliance on the grid, and a more streamline look than traditional solar panels.

Green Architecture Certified

Mosaic Architect & Interiors designers embrace an interdisciplinary approach to create beautiful designs that are mindful of the earth’s precious resources. In addition to holding AIA memberships and LEED certifications, we serve as members of the US Green Building Council. To keep pace with advancing technology and materials, Mosaic routinely attends sustainability and resiliency training, bringing you the most innovative solutions to your architectural and interior design project.

2116 231114  24 w roof.jpg

Project: Weldon Creek Residence, Contemporary Project (In Process)

This residence incorporates state of the art environmental features such as high-efficiency BPublic prefabricated wall and roof panels that reduce construction waste and insulate with all natural materials; use of radiant floor heating, solar panel electricity generation, deliberately placed cross-ventilation, wood burning fireplaces, and triple-paned doors and windows.


Project: Elk Ridge Residence, Contemporary Project

Net Zero home and pool with a high-efficiency envelope, PV & solar thermal production.


Project: Linden Residence, Traditional Project

Net Zero residence utilizing geothermal heating and cooling, PV electricity and Sonnen back-up batteries.


Project: Lizard Hill Residence, Contemporary Project 

Net Zero residence.

Tesla_Allen Const.jpg

Tesla solar roof

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