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Your Land’s Best Use

Clients often first engage us in evaluating a site before purchase. By carefully analyzing the site -- assessing its natural features, climate, access, local guidelines and feasibility -- we can create a complete picture of your project’s possibilities. In this phase of the architectural design process, we answer questions like:

  • What elements are the most important to your project’s vision?

  • Is this piece of property or structure right for you?

  • How can you minimize environmental disruption while maximizing its attributes?

  • What are the financial and structural implications of your design choices?

  • Who should be on your team to bring your vision to fruition?

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From Sketches to Schematics

Once all the requirements of your project are uncovered, we begin the design process with sketches, drawings, and inspirational imagery. Everything about your site is considered -- creatively and pragmatically -- in this architectural design phase:

  • Land contours, weather, views, vegetation, sustainability and resiliency needs

  • Architectural style, structural and construction impact of your design

  • Lighting, audio/video, acoustics and feng shui

  • Security, technology interconnectivity, and home control

  • Integration of interior and exterior living spaces

Advancing Architectural Design to Budgeting

You’ll be guided through a series of approvals for your project’s design. This phase brings to life all the details of your vision. This is when your design takes shape by visualizing rooms and addressing solar orientation, mechanical, plumbing and electrical systems, energy efficiency and material selections. Schematics are developed in photo-realistic 3D models illustrating your project’s elevations, environmental orientation, and room placement. To aid in creating fun and unique ideas, we’ll use studies of each side of your home to display views, room shape, ceiling plans, materials and finishes through the virtual reality goggles that permit you to view 360 degrees and literally walk through your new home!


During this phase, we will also start the review and approval process with the local planning department and any design review boards. At this point you will know everything required to build your vision, including a detailed budget and construction schedule.  

Interiors & Custom Furnishings

In tandem with architectural and construction administration, our design process includes creating one-of-a-kind interiors that are in harmony with your home’s architectural style and your lifestyle needs. Mosaic is accomplished across all interior design styles -- from modern to minimalist, from timeless sophistication to casually inviting.


To bring your vision to life, each of your home’s rooms is expertly layered. You’ll experience each room with photo-realistic imagery so you can visualize architectural features, showcased artwork and special collections, curated fixed finishes, and artfully sourced furniture from talented designers across the globe. You’ll be effortlessly guided through the entire design journey to create a harmonious space that’s as unique as you are.

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Architectural Outline of Services

Mosaic Architects + Interiors (MAI) will guide you throughout the design and building process. We will provide you with a substantial amount of information during each phase of the project and will inform you on key decisions, including building systems and performance, and cost  implications. MAI will be the team leader, and will coordinate the work of all necessary engineers, and other consultants as needed by the project. MAI's scope of services will include architecture and interior design. We have years of experience in all the critical areas needed for a successful project including budgeting, building materials, mechanical systems, green design, site drainage, landscaping, engineering, interiors, and construction administration.

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Architectural Process Diagram.jpg

Design Process

We typically divide our services into four phases with the approximate

level of effort in each phase shown as a percentage:

  • Phase 1: Schematic Design 25%

  • Phase 2: Design Development 30%

  • Phase 3: Construction Documents 30%

  • Phase 4: Construction Administration 15%

Working Drawings & Construction Documentation

In preparation of the construction phase, we produce working drawings and construction documents based on your approved design. After all, we want to make sure that all teams have the information they need to build your project just the way we designed it and exactly how you envision it. This is where our meticulous attention to details and organized documentation ensure there are no surprises.

Construction drawings are typically submitted to the building department to receive a building permit. Additionally, the contractor uses the contract documents to update the budget and schedule.

You’ll find our construction documents to be comprehensive, extremely detailed and thoughtfully composed. In addition to site plans, floor plans, roof plans, building elevations and sections, 3D model views and reflected ceiling plans, we typically include lighting plans and interior elevations of every room. We ensure that our drawings are coordinated with landscape, structural, civil, MEP (mechanical-electrical-plumbing) contractors, and other specialty consultants. 

Every significant item in your new home will be designed, drawn and detailed on a large scale. This includes fireplaces, kitchens, bars, stairs, elevators, vanities, built-ins, sinks, feature windows and anything else we customize or re-invent for you. We also provide interior finish schedules, plumbing, appliance and lighting schedules, cut-sheets for crucial building components as well as a comprehensive construction-detail manual.

As a Mosaic client you can rely on our knowledge, experience and attention to detail. We ensure that our beautiful designs are executed with high-quality building standards using the best materials and techniques using up-to-date building practices. 

Construction Administration

Your engagement with us does not end with submission of construction documents. We continue to represent your interests and assist you in understanding what's going on at the construction site. This level of service ensures your vision is constructed as designed.

On your behalf, Mosaic is an extension of your construction team. We are available as needed -- and on site when necessary -- to answer questions and provide clarifications. We participate in budget and schedule meetings, coordinate with specialty consultants and reply to RFIs (Request for Information) and ASIs (Architects Supplemental Information). Essentially, we are a resource for your contractors, ensuring your design is executed per our drawings and construction documents. 

We observe the site’s development on a regular basis, keeping you informed each step of the way. As construction progresses, we walk you through each room and explain materials, views, function and aesthetic features.

When unforeseen events happen our hands-on approach and expertise lead you through the construction process with ease and delight.

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