Schematic Design

“The Vision” Program, site analysis, architectural style, schematic ideas, team, budget and schedule

We carefully analyze the site and its locations, study views, vegetation, natural features, context, climate, weather, neighboring structures, access and feasibility within the context of the site and, local design guidelines and codes. 

Clients often bring us on board to help select a site or evaluate the potential of a particular piece of land or an existing structure to be remodeled. We will help answer the question: “Is this right for us to create our new space?” We ask a lot of questions to understand how you plan to use the property. 

On the pragmatic side of the process we will assemble the best team to assist you with finding a contractor and hire necessary landscape, civil, structural, lighting, audio/video, home control, security, sustainability, feng shui, acoustic or any additional necessary consultants. 

Once we have a great understanding of all these aspects, we will start to develop a schematic design that will exceed your expectations. We use sketches, drawings, inspirational images, 3-d models, photo-realistic renderings and other means necessary to demonstrate design and how we will realize your vision. 

Design Development

Advancing design, budget, schedule; design approval

We will further develop the approved schematic design and bring life and detail to our ideas. The design takes on shape. Additionally, we collaborate with the team of consultants to make the project real by addressing solar orientation, mechanical, plumbing  & electrical systems, analyze the energy efficiency and material selections. 

We will further develop drawings and 3-d models, generate building elevations to study each side of your new home and draw building sections to show shapes at rooms and ceilings. Reflected ceiling plans will show the ceiling; a roof plan will be produced in addition to all the remaining floor plans. We will start discussing  interior spaces, come up with fun and unique ideas for the inside and begin selecting interior finishes and materials. 

During this phase, we will also start the review and approval process with the local planning department and any design review boards. 

At the end of this phase, we will provide the contractor with a DD Pricing Package and get updated budget numbers. We ill then know that your home can be built within the budget and per schedule. 

Construction Documentation

Working drawings, details, coordination with other disciplines, building permit

We will produce working drawings and construction documents based on the approved design. After all we want to make sure that the contractor and his team have all the information needed to build your new project, just the way we designed it and exactly how you envision it.  No surprises.

Construction drawings are typically submitted to the building department to receive a building permit and the contractor will use the contract documents to update the budget and schedule.

Our construction documents are comprehensive, extremely detailed and thoughtfully composed.  In addition to site plans, floor plans, roof plans, building elevations and sections, 3-d model views and reflected ceiling plans, we typically include lighting plans and interior elevations of every room. We ensure that our drawings are coordinated with landscape, structural, civil, MEP, and other specialty consultants. 

Every significant item in your new home will be designed, drawn and detailed in large scale.  This includes fireplaces, kitchens, bars, stairs, elevators, vanities, built-ins, sinks, feature windows and anything else we customize or re-invent. We also provide interior finish schedules, plumbing, appliance and lighting schedules, cut-sheets for crucial building components and a comprehensive construction  detail manual.

Our knowledge, experience and attention to detail ensure that our beautiful designs are executed with high-quality building standards using the best materials and techniques and up-to-date building practices. 

Construction Administration

Site visits & conformance to contract documents

Our involvement in the project does not end with submission of construction documents. We will continue to represent your interests and will assist you in understanding what's going on at eh construction site. 

We are here for you. 

As a member of the extended construction team we will be on site when necessary to answer questions and provide clarifications as needed. We ensure that the construction is executed per our drawings and construction documents. We observe the progress of construction on a regular basis and keep you informed. 

We'll answer RFI's and ASI's, participate in budget and schedule meetings and coordinate with specialty consultants. 

As construction progresses of your new spaces, we want o be on site to walk you through each room and explain materials, views, function and aesthetic features. 

Unforeseen events happen but our hands-on approach and expertise will lead you through the construction process with ease (maybe even fun).