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Lizard Hill Residence

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Overlooking the ocean from afar and capturing views of the Santa Barbara Mountains and the Channel Islands, this residence was designed to take full advantage of the land. The gentle curve in floor plan follows the sun from sunrise to sunset - not to forget the moon which looms bright in the night sky.

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Staring at the downhill drive court a meandering concrete landscape stair with adjacent water feature brings us up to the front door where the sound of water and direction of light changes. Outdoor (and indoor) spaces are generous but not large or over-sized. A floor to ceiling glass wall blurs the edges between inside and out - while the carefully designed, oversized wood main entry door leaves no question where to enter the home. We know where to go to be welcomed by the Owner into the home!

Living Room, Dining Room, Kitchen and Gallery are housed in a spacious open area with glass skins North and South - anchored by the fireplace to the East and "Bento Box" Kitchen to the West. Master Suite and Guest Suites with "Back of House" areas are flanking the central space.

The Owner’s background in sailing and boat-building was influential in the design of the wood skin accentuating the Gallery. Each wood board was carefully designed and then placed and biscuited, reminiscent of the hull of a ship.

Downstairs Garage, Wine Cellar, Lounge, Foyer and Elevator anchor the house to the ground with filtered views of the upstairs.

Concrete walls and floors are in carefully choreographed harmony with wood walls and glass accents create an open, clean, contemporary, warm and comfortable feeling.

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