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Adapting Back to Business



Home has become a place that needs to accommodate not only schooling and remote work, but also the ongoing everyday variety of activities of life. Updates to built-in audio, video, and technology feed can help work and school move more smoothly. Improvements to mechanical systems to integrate more fresh air, ionization and humidity will keep the air safe to breathe. Changes in lighting, furniture, and slight adjustments to space will perfectly accommodate a broader range of activities while everyone is at home.

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The new workplace must be a place we all want to be. We need a human-centric experience where employees feel safe, healthy, and empowered. Adjustments to desk layouts, employee scheduling, mechanical air movement systems will create an improvement to the overall design of the space. The introduction of safety graphics will help employees feel protected while touch free hardware will allow for freedom of movement without transmission. All these small changes when applied together become the key components required to safely return to work. 



Hands-free entry, sanitation stands, and decorative art screens to create natural circulation and social distancing will give customers the sense that their health and safety are top priority. Providing a safe space shifts the customers focus back onto the retail experience increasing their comfort and desire for return visits.



Thoughtful adjustments to seating arrangements will improve social distancing while still keeping an eye on design. Introduce movable planters to bring the clean outdoor air in and create natural barriers. Enhance the dining experience as well as customer safety with new outdoor expansions. Increase mechanical system air flow for interior indoor dining comfort for both hot and cold months.



As a culture, we need to develop a new way to gather. We need socially distanced gathering space where we can come together in smaller groups and still feel safe and enjoy each others company. Open up to the outdoors to expand spaces larger. Introduce beauty through shade structures for the warm months and heaters for the cool months. Improvements to mechanical system air movement will assist in creating a healthier indoor air quality for all.



Getting our kids back in school is a priority for every community. Integrating multiple strategies including desk layout and improved circulation through the building, touch-free hardware and added hand washing stations, and enhanced entry screening protocol will make a difference in safety for all occupants. Analysis of existing mechanical systems will direct specific improvements that will increase air flow and improve air quality. The addition of signage reminding students of expected behavior will make life easier on teachers and staff leading to happier kids and staff.

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