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Stefan Eder, AIA | Partner

Nearly 20 years ago, I was Managing Partner and Design Studio Lead at a SF-based hospitality and high-end residential architecture firm. I had a light-filled corner office and amazing projects to tackle. Yet I developed a craving to strike out on my own to create innovative designs and execute challenging projects.

In 2006, I chose to leave my downtown office to start California operations for Mosaic Architects, a CO-based architecture start-up launched by my talented former colleague, Jane Snyder. I became responsible for Mosaic’s revenue stream and for developing creative design work. It was one of the scariest, most rewarding times of my career.

It also meant working on a laptop from my living room for a while.

Within a few years, Mosaic Architects grew to a successful, nationally recognized architecture and interior design firm with 30+ team members and offices in Boulder, SF, Santa Barbara, and the Napa Valley… and I once again had a light-filled office in the City.

Embracing the “start-up” spirit from Day One, we introduced innovative 3D modeling, photo-realistic renderings, and industry-leading software including Revit®, EnScape™ and Lumion for the design and construction documentation process. These tools seamlessly support our daily work process, while never forgetting that the goal remains to design interesting, inspirational projects.

Early on, I established the framework for running the business, developed organizational structures (working with lawyers to develop legally sound agreements, marketing strategies and outreach, file naming and storing, templates for RFPs) and created guidelines for hiring consultants. Effortlessly maneuvering day-to-day operations and establishing these easy-to-follow guidelines allowed me to build interdisciplinary teams focused on creating successful projects for my clients and other collaborators.

Given the solid foundation I have been able to develop and my demonstrated body of work, I helped establish Mosaic Architects as a reputable, respected, and recognizable architecture and interior design firm, not only amongst my peers, but with many clients from around the world.

While growing the firm has been one of my main goals, I always make sure to have time away to recharge, get inspired, travel, explore, keep healthy and engaged. Influences and ideas from many sources spark my creativity, ensure great attention to detail, allow me to be a thoughtful listener, give me strength to be kind and respectful with other team members, and drive my dedication to be a great architect, designer and human being.

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