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Stefan Eder, AIA | Partner

“Great design is simply life-changing. Thoughtful design has the ability to transform a space, and the life lived in it.” ~ Stefan Eder


Stefan Eder’s creativity stems from being continuously curious and open. It starts with learning about his clients, their desires, the project, and its sense of space. His clients frequently bask in his ability to craft their overall vision while lovingly caring for each detail. Whether a new build or reimagining of an existing space, Stefan’s designs stay authentic to style, reflecting its geographic location while elevating the creation into its best iteration.


Classically trained in Europe and the U.S., Stefan is adept at beautifully capturing influences across cultures, architectural styles, and personal aesthetics. Throughout the creative journey, he guides clients through a multidisciplinary and integrated approach that seamlessly connects architecture, interior design, furnishings, lighting, and exterior hardscaping and landscaping.


The best way to future-proof any project is to build a high-quality, well-designed, well-constructed building. From day one, Stefan considers everything you’ll see -- and won’t see -- in your home. Using 3D and VR technology, you will virtually walk through your home, visualizing all your design choices, and seeing how they fit together. At each step, your project is documented to the minutest detail, such as ceiling heights, cabinetry finishes, and even the placement of each light switch and electrical outlet, so everything is just how you like it.


Stefan Eder, a founding partner at Mosaic Architects & Interiors, earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Architecture and Urban Planning from the University of Stuttgart and a Master of Architecture and Allied Arts degree from the University of Oregon.

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